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Nero Carrara Marbleandgranite


Granite is still without a doubt one of the most durable kitchen surfaces available in the market place. Granite should not be damaged by hot utensils or sharp knives – having said that, the new fusion edge knives claim to be able to cut anything!  Whilst granite is a very durable stone, care must be taken around areas of weakness i.e around the sink or hob cut outs. Weight or pressure applied especially to these vulnerable areas where the stone is quite narrow can cause breakage. It is advisable not to stand or kneel on any part of the stone work surface.

Natural stones, due to their granular construction are porous to a greater or lesser extent, with the darker granites being the least porous and the lighter marbles and limestone being the most. To reduce the ability of natural stones to absorb liquids we treat the stones with a proprietary sealer that penetrates the surface and fills the microscopic voids between the crystals.  This process is first done in our factory at the completion of manufacture and again following installation. It is advisable that this process is repeated for the more porous natural stones when necessary. If you have any concerns, please contact our office for more details.

Marble & Limestone

Marble & Limestone are susceptible to the aggressive action of acids. Care should be taken to remove spillages of fruit juice, particularly lemon, wine or vinegar, beetroot etc. For example the residue of red wine on the base of wineglasses will leave its mark.  Nail varnish and any other solvent or oil based products will stain if not wiped up immediately.


The best way to clean a natural stone surface is to wash down the surface with warm soapy water and buff up with a dry cloth or kitchen towel. Do not use any abrasives to clean your stone worktops.

You should be aware that with lighter coloured natural stones you may experience slight darkening in areas where water has been allowed to stand but this should fade away as it dries out. Beetroot, wine, cooking oil and some other liquids particularly when hot may cause a stain on your marble or granite worktop. Spillages must be wiped off immediately with kitchen roll.

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