There’s almost TOO much choice when it comes to kitchen worktops. Firstly there’s the material: should you go for natural stone, composite, wood, ceramic or laminate? This isn’t a simple decision, because each option has various benefits and drawbacks. To make things a little easier, we’ve put together a list of reasons why Quartz could be the right addition to your kitchen.

1. Value for money

Quartz isn’t too dissimilar in price to granite, and although it is generally a little more expensive, it comes with various benefits that make it great value for money. The durability and desirability will add value to your home, and the work surface will last for decades.

2. Durability

Quartz isn’t 100% natural stone. Far from being a negative, this actually makes quartz superior to natural stone countertops in some respects. Quartz work-surfaces combine 93% natural quartz with 7% resins. The resins are designed to strengthen the work-surface, making it highly durable and resistant to chips and cracks.

3. Non-porous

A non-porous material is much less likely to stain due to spillages. This means that there’s minimal maintenance with a quartz work-surface and you don’t need to be as concerned with the risk of stains.

4. The perfect pattern

A granite worktop is 100% natural, which means that the pattern will be natural and the colours may change slightly throughout the surface. Many people quite like this natural beauty, but it is far easier to match a quartz worktop to fit in with your decor. Quartz is binded with resins, which means that manufacturers are able to control the patterns and colours. The result is far greater choice when it comes to colour, and a more uniform appearance.

5. Easy to clean

No fancy cleaning equipment required! Good old fashioned soap and water will do the job.

6. Reputable manufacturers

There are many reputable manufacturers to choose from, such as Silestone and Caesaerstone. Here at Marble & Granite we are fabricators for many of the leading brands. Simply get in touch with us to learn more: 01992 535 038