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SPC is a new type of vinyl flooring with advanced mechanical properties.

SPC (Stone Polymer Composite) has a much stronger, more rigid core than traditional vinyl flooring as it only contains 30% PVC with the other 70% made up of minerals.

Due to the high density of its core, the impact resistance of SPC is superior to that of traditional vinyl flooring, making it the best option for high traffic areas.

Thanks to its mineral composition, SPC is a material that, unlike traditional vinyl floors, can be installed near windows without risk of expansion caused by temperature changes.


Kerlux has an exclusive smooth top layer that is not only incredibly comfortable for walking on but also absorbs noise. Its exclusive top layer dampens the sound of footfall by up to 18 dB, which makes it 50% quieter than other LVT floors.

Barefoot or not, the sound-absorbent qualities of KERLUX are synonymous with quieter steps and a more pleasant acoustic experience.


As Kerlux is a non-porous material with a practically watertight installation system, it is highly moisture resistant, making it the ideal option for the bathroom.


Thanks to its acoustic layer and its click installation system, Kerlux requires very little preparation of the base floor and can hide any irregularities or minor imperfections therein, while offering a quick, simple and clean installation solution.

Its rigid core also prevents these irregularities commonly found in older or damaged floors from emerging to the surface.


The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house where floors suffer most, from accidental spills of food and drinks to the regular traffic it tends to receive. KERLUX is easy to clean and wear resistant, making it the best option to meet the hygiene and cleaning needs of a room as important as the kitchen.


The rigidity of its core and the resistance of its protective top layer makes Kerlux the ideal solution for commercial spaces such as retail stores, hotels, hospitals or other high-traffic areas.

Thanks to its unique composition, Kerlux can be walked on without the usual wear marks that affect wood appearing on its surface