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A Guide to Choosing Kitchen Worktops in London

Selecting the perfect kitchen worktop can be tricky. Should you opt for solid stone, wood, ceramic or laminate? What will match your kitchen decor and will your preferred material be within budget?  Here’s a quick guide to selecting the ideal kitchen worktop for your London home.

1. Think practicalities

It’s all very well selecting a kitchen worktop that looks beautiful, but if it isn’t practical then you’ll end up spending extra money on maintenance. A wooden kitchen countertop, for example, is prone to chips and burn marks, so extra care needs to be taken.

2. Budget is key

Laminate is a low-cost solution, but durability will be an issue. The cheaper work surfaces will cost you less in the short term, but will need replacing within a few years. If you have a larger budget then the most durable work surface materials include granite, quartz and ceramic.

3. Add value to your home

If you’re looking to add value to your home then a luxurious quartz work surface is the best choice. Quartz worktops combine natural quartz with resins to produce an extremely hard surface that is resistant to chips, burns and staining.

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