A Guide to Choosing the Right Colour for Your Granite Worktop

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It can be quite remarkable to see the effect various colours can have when you’re designing your kitchen – even slightly different shades can make a big difference. If you are currently in the process of searching for the right colour for your new granite worktop, you should take a look at a guide to choosing the right colour for your granite worktop.


The first thing is to make sure that you always carry around a sample of your cabinet colour for comparison. Ideally, the colour of the cabinet and the colour of the kitchen worktop should have a natural contrast between the two and any natural sparkles in the worktop should be similar to the general style of the kitchen. Other samples you should carry include the wall paint and flooring. If you aren’t able to carry the physical samples with you, try to get some good photographs you can use instead.

Be careful shopping online

Although you will be able to sort through an large number of different styles and shades, it can be hard to accurately judge the colour from a picture. Finer details such as subtle patterns and speckles can be hard to capture on camera and you might be surprised when the stone does turn up. The easy way to avoid this is by visiting showrooms in person.

Consider the lighting

Granite is one material which absolutely craves the right kind of lighting in order to bring out its best qualities and natural beauty. If your kitchen gets minimal natural light, you should opt for light colours such as white or beige. Dark coloured worktops, such as blue, black or mahogany, look exceptionally classy in well lit kitchens.

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