Choosing the Right Material for Your Countertop

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There are many materials to choose from when looking at a kitchen countertop but which one is right for you? The answer will come down to several factors; how much maintenance do they need, what does it look like and how much does it cost. The most popular choices at the moment are as follows:

  • Solid stone – The choice for solid stone worktops is almost always granite, although marble is used in some instances. It is exceptionally hard wearing, beautiful in appearance and has a price tag to reflect its excellent
  • Wood – Often discounted due to the common misconception that it harbours bacteria, wood is actually one of the most bacteria resistant surfaces around – much more so than plastic surfaces. It is also the only material recommended for chopping, slicing and cutting too as it won’t really damage the surface or knives themselves. The only downside to wood is the upkeep requirement – re-oiling the surface every four to six weeks.
  • Concrete – Unlike the concrete countertops of times gone by, the modern day concrete countertop is level and available in more than one colour! By adding pigments during the mixing prcess, pretty much any colour can be achieved. Although concrete worktops are cheaper than solid stone, they can’t compare to the natural beauty and elegance of real stone surfaces and can be prone to cracking.
  • Ceramic – If you want a bit of diversity in your kitchen, ceramic is a great options as the tiles can be used as back splashes, secondary work surfaces, islands or wet bars. If you are a do it yourself kind of person, just make sure not to use wall tiles for your countertop as they will all too easily crack!
  • Engineered stone – Quartz countertops are comprised of a large percentage of natural stone along with resin and other natural stone fillers. They are and are an excellent choice due to their high durability and low maintenance requirements and are priced similarly to solid stone surfaces such as granite. Brand names for engineered stone countertops include Silestone and Caesarstone – both available from Marble & Granite.

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