What is the difference between marble, granite and quartz stone and their suitability for use in construction?

Marble is a hard crystalline metamorphic form of natural limestone. It is found around the world and is available in a variety of stunning colours including a large range of white and lighter colours. Marble, however is much softer and more porous than granite or quartz stone and is therefore less suitable for use as kitchen worktops and bar counters etc. where it is likely to stain and mark due to heavy use. It is more suitable for bathrooms and is commonly used for vanities and shower enclosures due to its aesthetic virtues.

Granite is a very hard, granular, crystalline, intrusive igneous rock consisting mainly of quartz, mica, and feldspar. It is much harder and tougher than marble and therefore more suitable for kitchen worktops than marble. In fact due to its density and hard wearing nature it is commonly used as a construction stone for bar counters, floors, and desks and for cladding the outsides of buildings etc.

Quartz stone is a man-made material and consists approximately of 94% quartz which is a form of crystallised silicon dioxide. Like granite, because of its hard and resilient properties it is particularly suitable for use as kitchen worktops and indeed bathrooms and floors. Quartz and the darker granite stone surfaces are extremely resistant to stains and scratches. Granite and quartz stone worktops are available in wide range of colours and surface finishes. The most popular surface is a high polish because it not only looks stunning but is easier to clean and maintain especially as hygiene is of utmost importance in the kitchen. Matt (honed) and rough (anticato) finishes are also available on special order. Can I see physical samples of different materials? Yes of course, you are more than welcome to visit us at our factory showroom. If this is not possible we can arrange for samples to be sent to you. There will be a small charge for postage depending on the number of samples requested. Once you have placed your order with us you may request for us to bring some samples when our team comes to template. What should be the thickness of the worktops?

Worktops are normally manufactured in 2 cm and 3 cm thicknesses. It is a matter of personal preference and choice and very much depends on the style and size of your kitchen. Granite worktops are generally preferred in 3cm whilst quartz stone worktops in 3cm and 2cm are equally popular. The cost of worktops in 3cm will be more than the cost if manufactured in 2cm.

Is granite and quartz stone unbreakable?

Whilst granite and quartz-stone is extremely hard, it can chip and even break if proper care is not taken. Please refer to our care instructions for further details.

How long does it take from placing an order to installation?

We do not fit to other peoples templates. however, we are flexible, and can do any of the following:

  • Template & supply,
  • Template and deliver,
  • Template and fit, or
  • Just cut to your own measurements/template and deliver but not fit.

Can we supply our own raw material for you to manufacture the worktops?

Yes, we can cut your own material.

Do you carry out repairs to previously installed worktops not fitted by yourselves?

Yes we do. Please send us some photos of the damaged stone so that we can assess whether it can be repaired or not. There will be a minimum callout charge depending on your location from our factory.

Will any cutting need to take place inside my home?

Whist 95 % of fabrication takes place in our workshop due to the fragility of some stones it can be necessary to leave certain areas intact for transportation purposes, please be assured that our fitters will take the utmost care in doing this and will do their best to contain dust & will always tidy up on completion.

Can you supply replacement worktops or do you only cater for newly fitted kitchens?

We can also supply and fit replacement worktops. If you would like to keep the existing worktops until the new ones are manufactured, we can try to template over the existing ones. However it is recommended that existing worktops are removed for a more accurate template and fit. Please call us to discuss further.

If you require us to remove the existing worktops for you we can do that for you for an extra charge. We will do our very best not to damage any cabinets during the removal process but we cannot take responsibility if any damage occurs.

When we come to template we will remove the existing tops and template to the base units then we will be back within 5 days to fit the new worktops. You will need to supply a plumber/ electrician prior to us templating to disconnect your sink, tap & hob then after we have fitted they will need to come back to re connect.

What payment methods do you take?

We take cash, card payments and online transfers. We do not accept cheques.