Quality Ceramic Worktops Bromley

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Countertops are one of the most heavily-used areas of a kitchen which, if they are to last, will need to be made using a high quality material such as granite, quartz or ceramic. Although granite and quartz make for an excellent choice for your Bromley kitchen work surface, there are various different benefits to having a ceramic worktop.

Here are couple of benefits ceramic worktops have over other materials:

  • Thinner – If you would like a very thin work surface, then ceramic may be the right material for your kitchen. Ceramic worktops can be fabricated far thinner than either granite or quartz.
  • Finish – Ceramic countertops are suitable for both highly polished and matt finishes.
  • Durability – Ceramic worksurfaces are man made. They are produced by compressing and heating a mixture of natural components including clay, sand and feldspar to extremely high temperatures. This results in a material which is very well-suited to demanding environments such as the kitchen.

If you would like to find out more about our quality ceramic worktops in Bromley then just visit the website at www.marbleandgranite.co.uk.