Quartz Countertops in Oxford – Colours and Patterns

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If you are looking for quartz countertops in Oxford, then there are a variety of brands, patterns and designs to choose from. Choosing the pattern/colour of your worktop can be tricky because a small sample square doesn’t always enable you to envisage what an entire worktop will look like! With this in mind, it’s wise to search for images of kitchens and worktops in the patterns you like. You could also ask the manufacturer for images of their previous projects.

Here are a few of the most popular colours for quartz countertops:

Black – Absolute black is a stunning, exquisite choice. This is one of the most popular colours, as it really compliments most decors and kitchen cabinets. However, being black it isn’t the best choice for a dark or small kitchen.
Starlight – This is a black worktop with flecks of silvery white – looking like a star-filled sky! This adds an extra dimension to the worktop.
Lagoon – This colour has a white, marble-like appearance and is a great choice for a modern, minimalist décor. It also makes an excellent choice if you have a dark kitchen!
Sienna Ridge – This intricate creamy/brown pattern is the perfect choice for a country kitchen with wooden cabinets.
Eros Stellar – If you want something a bit different then opt for the bright red, eye-catching Eros Stellar.

If you want to view more samples then visit the Marble and Granite Samples Page. For more information on the quartz countertops available in Oxford then get in touch with Marble and Granite today!