Silestone Worktops in Bromley

As the only quartz worktop manufacturer to incorporate their special anti-bacterial surface protection into their products, Silestone are one of the leading brands of engineered worktops in the UK. With a combination of 94% natural quartz, anti-bacterial protection and high quality resin, the brand is able to achieve an exceptionally hard-wearing and resilient worksurface.

Benefits of Silestone worktops

Warranty – Silestone offer one of the longest warranty periods in the industry – 10 years. This will ensure peace of mind for your investment well into the future.

Durability – As one of the hardest materials to be found on Earth, quartz is almost unbeatable for chip and scratch resistance thereby making it an ideal choice for use in any kitchen workspace.

Bacterial protection – Every Silestone worktop employs the use of silver ions in order to provide protection against bacteria.

Marble & Granite are an official, nominated fabricator of Silestone. This means that we are able to design, create and fit these worktops throughout the South East, including the Bromley area. For more information simply visit the contact page and get in touch with one of our friendly team.