Silestone Worktops Vs. Caesarstone Worktops

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Caesarstone and Silestone are both very well-known and respected brands of stone kitchen worktops and have only slight differences between each other. They are both produced using engineered stone and so are they are known as synthesised stone worktops. Caesarstone and Silestone are the only two types of synthesised stone worktops which are effective in replicating the features found in Granite worktops.

Often said to be the original creator of these types of stone work surfaces, Caesarstone comprises of around 93% of quartz and has an excellent degree of stain and scratch resistance. The number of variations available is quite vast and there are a lot of options regarding the stones texture, edge profiling and finish. Caesarstone is in a similar price range to high grade natural stone.

Silestone has a 90% quartz composition and therefore has slightly less stain and scratch resistance when compared to Caesarstone. However, there is a much wider range of colours available for Silestone and it is also very easy to clean. Silestone is usually priced slightly less than Caesarstone.

Whichever worktop you decide on in the end will be a great choice as you can’t really go wrong with either!