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Should You Choose Natural Stone or Engineered Worktops?

If you’re considering a stone worktop for your kitchen, then you’ll have to decide whether to opt for 100% natural stone or one of the engineered stone alternatives. Here are some tips to help you make the best decision.

Natural Stone

The most common natural stone materials that are used for kitchen worktops are marble and granite, with the latter easily being the most popular. Here’s a few details about each material:

  • Marble – As a kitchen work surface, Marble isn’t the best choice as it isn’t as durable as other materials, such as granite or engineered stone.
  • Granite – Granite is one of the toughest materials available and is resistant to scratches, staining and heat. These benefits, along with the attractive aesthetics, makes granite a popular choice.

Why choose natural stone worktops?

100% natural stone tends to be slightly less expensive than engineered stone. Additionally, due to the fact that is is natural, each piece is completely unique and has beautiful variations in the colours & patterns.

Engineered Stone

Engineered stone worktops are man made, but still incorporate natural materials. There are a number of different types, but here are two of the most popular:

  • Quartz – Quartz countertops are composed of over 90% natural quartz, along with other materials such as resin. Engineered quartz worktops are more durable than natural stone due to the added resins.
  • Ceramic – Ceramic countertops have grown in popularity due the unique appearance, reduced cost and large variety of colours available.

Why choose engineered stone worktops?

Engineered stone worktops are designed to be durable, and this results in lower maintenance. More care must be taken with natural stone, as it is easier to stain and damage. Engineered worktops have a uniform appearance and you know exactly what you’re going to receive..

Making the decision…

Both engineered worktops and natural stone worktops are closely matched in terms of price, so other factors are likely to be more important. Do you want the beauty of natural stone, or the lower maintenance of man-made countertops? To help you decide, why not take a trip to the Marble & Granite workshop where you’ll be able to see lots of samples and have any questions answered?! Call the workshop directly on 01992 535 038.