Our quote is based on the information provided and is subject to the following terms & conditions.

The final price may change following templating if additional items are requested or if the initial information provided was not accurate.

Our quotes are valid for 90 days from the date of our offer. However you may be able to secure the quote by paying a 50% deposit before the expiry of the 90 day period.

Our quote is based on the template, manufacture, delivery and fit being carried out during normal working hours which are Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm. An additional sum will be charged if any work is requested outside of these times to cover staff overtime costs.

Please note that we cannot guarantee that a single worktop can be manufacture to a length of more than 3 metres without a joint. This will depend on the material selected.

All natural stone especially marble and granite can be prone to natural fractures. These are not defects in the stone and we will not be held responsible for natural fractures existing in the stone.

All products, including some quartz stones are sold subject to variation in colour, grain, veining, and texture. Again these are not defects and we will not be held responsible for any variation from the sample shown. If a particular colour or finish is required we advise you to inspect the raw material prior to fabrication. Following fabrication we will not be held responsible if the material does not meet your exact requirement. Therefore is you are concerned please make an appointment to inspect the material prior to fabrication.

When placing an order for a material which has an inconsistent pattern please note that we cannot guarantee how the pattern will match up at the joints or which way the veins will run. Please call the office if you wish to discuss this further.

Our lead time for fitting is 5 to 7 working days from date of template provided the material has been chosen prior to template and full payment has been made, subject to a pre-booked schedule.

After the template and before fabrication should you change your mind on the material ordered then a re-stocking fee will be charged for the exchange. The re-stocking fee will depend on the supplier’s terms and we will of course advise you of the final amount for your consideration.

Payment terms: 50% deposit is required at the time of order confirmation so that we can schedule in a template date and order in the raw material. Balance payment must be made following templating.


We require clear working areas free of hazards with no interference from other trades. There should be no clutter or other hindrances when our templaters/fitters arrive on site. We cannot take responsibility for any damage when carrying worktops in.

At the time of template and fit the owner or an authorised person must be present to discuss any requirements and to sign the job satisfaction sheet when the job is complete.

We reserve the right to charge a minimum of £130 plus VAT for any additional trips or return visits that we are required to make i.e. if the site is not ready, there were unseen obstacles or if there were other trades requiring access to the same area.

If you wish to change the date of the template/fit we require a minimum of 1 working day’s notice otherwise we reserve the right to charge £130 plus VAT for re-booking/cancellation. Please note that although we will do our best to reschedule your job to your preferred date we cannot guarantee a date within 5 working days of the original booking.

For further details of ordering process please click on the following link:


All furniture must be completely fitted, level and secured so that no adjustments are made to the units following templating. Any temporary fitted sinks and or work surfaces must be removed before templating can be carried out.

Hobs, sinks and taps should be available on site together with the templates where possible. https://marbleandgranite.co.uk/worktops/


Where required such as on building sites or apartments, hoisting facilities must be provided free of cost.

Following templating, if it is found that the furniture, to which the worktops are to be fitted, has been adjusted or moved in any way after our templating, then we may not be able to carry out the fitting. A further cost may be incurred should we have to re-make any of the pieces.

There must be adequate support to take the weight of stone worktops. If you are in any doubt please call the office to discuss additional supports that may be required. A granite worktop in 20mm thickness typically weighs around 55 kilograms per square metre and 80 kilograms in 30mm thickness.


Following installation our customer satisfaction sheet must be completed. We urge that you inspect the worktops carefully after fitting is complete. We will not be held responsible for any damage found after the fitters have left.

All worktops require 24 hours for adhesives and silicon to cure. We therefore advise that you do not use the worktops, the cabinets or the drawers in the meantime.

Stone worktops, whether made from natural or man-made materials, are prone to variations in colour, pattern and density. Although all materials are sealed in our workshop, care should still be taken and any spills should be cleaned up immediately.  Certain knives can scratch the surface of the stone so chopping boards should always be used. We recommend the use of trivets and pan-stands at all times for hot pans. Please refer to our care and maintenance guide for further details which will be provided with your invoice.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.