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The Benefits Of Granite Worktops In Berkhamsted

The Benefits Of Granite Worktops In Berkhamsted

When you are considering a kitchen refit, there are lots of things to think about. Are you going to throw everything out and start from scratch? Maybe you might even think about moving the sink, in which case you are going to get involved with some plumbing.

Are you going to change all the appliances and invest in new? Change some of them and keep others? What about cabinetry? Are you going to add more wall cabinets? You can never have too many cabinets in the kitchen. What about a wine rack? A wine rack is a great idea if you are a wine drinker, because supermarkets like Tesco regularly have deals where they knock 25% off when you buy six bottles or more, and they run these for a couple of weeks, so you can buy six every day for a fortnight and save a huge chunk of money – but only if you have somewhere to store a lot of bottles.

What about the countertops? There are lots of choices when it comes to worktops, but a very good choice is granite worktops in Berkhamsted. Granite has a lot going for it, not the least of which is that it is a natural stone and is very tough. Indeed, it is harder than marble. It is made of quartz, mica, and feldspar, along with a few other minerals, and can be found in a wide range of colours with elegant swirls, nodules, specks, and spots. Of course, as it is a natural stone, every slab is different.

You can choose a high quality granite worktops that blends in with the rest of your new kitchen, or you can have one which is strikingly different and stands out – making a “statement” so to speak.