The History of Granite: A Few Fascinating Facts

Forging worktops out of granite slabs is what we do best! We could discuss granite worktops all day, but we realise that it may not be the most exciting topic to read about. Therefore, we’ve decided to pass on a few facts about the amazing history of granite and prove that it’s actually a very interesting material!

Firstly, did you know that granite has been used in construction for over 4,000 years? It has had over 4,000 years to develop some fascinating stories – let’s take a look:

Granite was the building block of choice by the Ancient Egyptians

Have you ever heard of the stone quarries of ancient Egypt? These quarries are located in the Nile Valley and produced quality stone, including red, grey and black granite. The granite was used to construct Cleopatra’s Needles, obelisks and columns.

A mountain of granite…

Mount Rushmore is one of the most iconic monuments in the World, attracting 3 million visitors every year. The monument depicts the faces of four US presidents and covers 1278.45 acres! The faces have been carved into our favourite material: granite.

Why is granite used in historical buildings and monuments?

Granite is the material of choice for many ancient sculptures and monuments, due to its durability and resistance to erosion. Yet, granite has one considerable drawback for ancient people – it is extremely heavy! You may consider a granite worktop, weighing around 145 lbs, to be heavy. But many ancient sculptures have weighed many tonnes – for some monuments it remains a mystery as to how they were transported into position!

Let’s add to the list!

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