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There Are Many Things To Consider When Redesigning Your Kitchen

If you are considering modernising your kitchen there are many things to take into consideration. Not the least of these is your budget because it is all too easy to spend a small fortune on a kitchen when you take into account all the appliances, the flooring, the worktops, the cabinets, and so on.

There is the question of whether you want to rip everything out and start from scratch again, or whether you don’t have a big enough budget to do that. You might even want to do what a lot of people have been doing in recent years, and that is build an extension in order to make the kitchen much larger.

After all, the kitchen has become a room which is no longer just for cooking, washing up, and doing the laundry. Many families eat all their meals in the kitchen and also entertain family and friends there, so it has become the most important room in the house for many people. That means that it needs to look great, rather than just a workroom. And that means paying attention to the flooring, the cabinetry, and the worktops which are the things that are going to stand out.

Many people opt for a tile or stone floor in the kitchen because if you have spills, they are easily wiped up, and there is an almost unending choice of different colours and patterns that you can find. The floor also stands out because there is a lot of it.

The same thing applies to the cabinetry and the worktops. The cabinets can have doors, can be open fronted, can have doors with glass panels so that the things inside can be seen easily, and you may also have shelving in the same material on which to place items that are used all the time and so are needed to be easily at hand. You might even want to place some ornaments on the shelving, or a vase of flowers. There are endless possibilities with the cabinets.

Indeed, some people who are redesigning their kitchen choose to hide appliances behind doors that match the rest of the cabinets. So, the fridge, freezer, dishwasher, and washing machine, and maybe even the microwave, are all hidden behind the doors which takes away the sight of white appliances which many people don’t really like. It may be acceptable when the kitchen is just a workplace, but when you are entertaining there, you don’t want it to look like one.

Then there are the worktops to consider as well. They take up quite an amount of space, and they are very visible. So, they need to look great. However, they also need to be practical because you are preparing food on them, plonking dishes and pans on them, putting the chopping board on them to chop foods, and so on.

There are also a whole lot of different materials that you can use for kitchen worktops, too. You can use laminates, which a lot of people do, but there are also stainless steel, natural stones, man-made stones, glass, wood, and so on, and they all have different advantages.

More and more people today are choosing to use natural stones for the kitchen because of the beauty that they can add to it and the fact that they are pretty hard-wearing. That is not to say that you can treat them harshly, but they are not going to come to any harm if you drop some cutlery on them.

Some natural stones such as marble worktops in London, do need a certain amount of care because they are porous. That means that it is possible to stain them if you spill certain things on them, particularly like vinegar, red wine, coffee, and so on. This means that they will need to be sealed with a sealer in order to prevent this from happening.

However, at Marble & Granite, we can do this for you when we install your worktops, and the sealants that we use are quite long-lasting, so marble worktops will not need to be resealed very often.

In any event, marble worktops are so stunningly beautiful that it is well worthwhile taking that little extra bit of care in order to enjoy the amazing colours and patterns that come with such a glorious natural stone.