Bespoke Granite Worktops in Oxford

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As one of the best materials to use for kitchen worktops, there are many great reasons why you should choose it for your next kitchen countertop. Aesthetics play a large part for when people are selecting a new worktop and granite doesn’t disappoint in that department. It is able to match, blend in and enhance any kitchen – no matter what style or colour of cabinets & appliances you already have fitted. The colour choices in granite worktops range from beautifully deep, dark browns & blacks to bright whites and vivid reds. Unlike man made kitchen worktops, no two granite worktops are identical and they will each have their own little flourishes of colours and markings in the form of their unique veining patterns.

For bespoke granite worktops in Oxford and the surrounding areas including Watford, Enfield and Harlow, get in touch with Marble & Granite. Marble & Granite are able to craft granite worktops to your own bespoke measurements and their highly trained and dedicated fitting teams will ensure that it is installed quickly and efficiently. Find out more on the Marble & Granite website by visiting or, alternatively, call the team on 01992 535 038.