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Quartz Worktops in Greater London

One of the most popular kitchen worktop materials is quartz, also known as composite worktops. Take a look at three of the main reasons for this:

Durability – Quartz is one of the toughest materials available for use as a kitchen work surface. During manufacture of the work surface, natural quartz is combined with resins to make the finished surface extremely hard and resilient. The result is a material that is highly resistant to scratches, chips or heat damage. With this in mind, it is ideal for families with young children, or keen cooks.

Colour variety – There are a huge number of colour choices when it comes to quartz. Quartz worktops are available in almost any shade you can think of. Some companies even allow you to create custom colours from your favourite shade!

Exclusivity – Quartz worktops are highly sought after due to their stunning asthetics and high price tag. A Silestone, Caesarstone or other quartz worktop installed in your home could increase its value!

If you are looking for quartz worktops in Greater London then get in touch with Marble & Granite. Marble & Granite are also nominated fabricators of Caesarstone worktops and Silestone worktops. Simply call 01992 535 038.

In addition to our quartz surfaces, we also manufacture granite worktops London.