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Caesarstone Worktops in Bromley by Marble & Granite

Why choose Caesarstone worktops?

Caesarstone is a manufacturer of luxury quartz surfaces, which are used as countertops, vanity tops, wall cladding, floors and other interior surfaces. The material combines beauty with practicality and will transform your space.

The company utilises one of Earth’s hardest minerals – quartz. Caesarstone is crafted from 93% natural quartz, with the rest of the surface being made up of resins for added strength. If you’re looking for a quartz worktop then this may be a suitable choice for you and it is something we offer here at Marble & Granite. Take a look at a few of the advantages of Caesarstone:

Quartz is more durable than marble or granite.

Resistant to staining and scratches
Caesarstone worktops are resistant to stains, scratches and heat making them a practical solution for use in the kitchen.

Low maintenance
These work surfaces do not require sealing or treating, which makes them easy to clean and to maintain over time.

If you would like to see a range of the Caesarstone patterns we have available for templating and installation in Bromley.

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