Ceramic Worktops in Hertfordshire by Marble and Granite

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As an alternative to other high end kitchen worktop materials, ceramic scores highly in all of the most important areas including hardness, colour choice, durability, low maintenance plus stain, heat and impact resistance. This puts it on a very similar level to other options, such as granite or quartz. Just like quartz, ceramic worktops are a man made material and they are produced in a similar fashion. The production process involves combining a mixture of clay, feldspar, sand and natural pigments, spreading them into a thin layer, compressing them and then heating to temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees.

So, why should you choose ceramic worktops in Hertfordshire? As the ceramic material only consists of natural materials, ceramic worktops do not contain any potentially harmful chemicals and, therefore, they will not give off any harmful substances. In addition to the excellent aesthetics of ceramic worktops, they have the unique ability to be installed in thickness levels from as little as 8mm! This extremely low profile look is tiny when compared to the typical minimum sizes of quartz and granite, and means that a kitchen will have a truly modern appearance. To find answers to any other questions, just get in touch with the Marble & Granite team on 01992 535 038.