We Supply Quartz Worktops in Richmond

If you’re thinking of having a quartz worktop fitted in your Richmond home, then it is important to select a high-quality supplier. However, you might understandably think that all quartz countertop manufacturers are virtually the same! In reality, unlike granite or marble, quartz worktops are crafted by combining the natural quartz with additional resins. This combination of ‘ingredients’ results in a durable surface which is extremely resistant to heat, cold, stains and damage! However, this process means that the techniques and ingredient combinations can vary considerably between suppliers. So how do you select the right supplier for you?

Benefits of Caesarstone Worktops

If you want quality, then Caesarstone is the leader in the field. The brand combines 93% natural quartz with resins, for an extremely resilient worktop.

Caesarstone Worktops in Richmond from Marble and Granite Ltd.

We are nominated fabricators of Caesarstone, which allows us to design, create and fit these worktops! Get in touch with us today to find out more about our services.