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Drink and snack prep station with granite worktop

Design Modern Washrooms With Quartz Worktops and Stunning Decor Elements

Home decor trends come and go every year, but refurbishing an entire bathroom annually is a costly affair. Instead, decorating your washroom with timeless combinations and elements is a cost-effective and smart solution. Quartz worktops in London are a homeowner’s favourite due to their durability, convenience, and aesthetic. These trendy and unfailing ideas will help you build luxury washrooms on a budget.

Grey quartz and enigmatic darker colours decor

Grey is one of the most versatile colours that go well with dark and light colours. For a grey quartz worktop, you can opt for a bright colour tiled backsplash, such as turquoise or lemon yellow. You can also pair it with electric blue, dark green, and cherry red cabinets. To add a pop of colour, you can keep an indoor plant in a bright-coloured planter.

White quartz and luxurious golden fixtures

You can never go wrong with white quartz worktops in London. While white can be paired with all colours, there is something royal about the white-gold combination. Taj Mahal Brazilian Cream White or White Macaubas Quartz are subtle yet elegant choices with minimal detailing and veins. Hence, assertive golden-toned fixtures like taps, soap racks, dispensers, towel racks, etc., pair perfectly with such worktops. You can also opt for a white inlaid sink for a less cluttered and minimal look.

Black quartz and contemporary stainless steel features

Next, we have another classic combination that guarantees a modern and trendy look. Nero Anthracite Brazilian Black quartz is a jet-black stone that looks exquisite in any setup. To give your washroom an edge, choose raised white sink bowls. However, an inlaid steel sink and stainless steel faucets can also look sophisticated. Additionally, you can install white under-the-counter drawers and cabinets with stainless steel handles.

Pink quartz and stylish copper elements

Copper is a warm metallic colour that pairs very well with both light and dark shades, including pink. Pink and copper washroom decor may not be common, but it is definitely a sight to behold. Chateau Blanc Quartzite is a light pinkish stone with brown and white detailing. It can also be used as the backsplash to create a uniform look. This worktop-backsplash duo can be paired with light wood cabinets, copper-coloured racks, mirror frames, and wall-hung lights.

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