Granite Countertops in Harlow by Marble & Granite

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Granite worktops have been the go-to choice in high end kitchens for many years now and it hasn’t been without reason. Durability wise, granite, along with quartz, is at the top of the league when it comes to dealing with high temperatures plus scratch & impact resistance. As well as these factors, it is hard to deny that granite is simply unmatched in its beauty and timeless design. Although it is a naturally forming material, granite is available in all types of different colours. From deep blacks to startling whites, some of the best colours include:

  • Assoluto – An intensely deep, dark black which would add character and can work with many kitchen styles.
  • Baltic Brown – This features a dark black/green surface interspersed with lots of circular brown shapes in a range of different sizes.
  • Via Lactea – The dark surface of these granite countertops is composed of a deep grey colour which contrast beautifully with the bright white coloured veins running across and through the stone.

For granite countertops in Harlow by Marble & Granite, just visit the website at If you are struggling to choose a particular colour why not order a few stone samples to help you decide too?