Choosing Bespoke Bathroom Worktops

Durability is essential when selecting vanity tops. Invariably, your bathroom work surfaces will be exposed to a barrage of water, soap, cosmetics and cleaning substances. It is definitely wise to avoid porous materials, as these are less hygienic and prone to staining.

Here are a number of options:

–       Tiling – tiles are a classic bathroom fixture, which come in a variety of stylish designs. However, grout lines are renowned for trapping dirt and going moldy over a relatively short period of time. The uneven surface is not ideal for a flat, horizontal worktop.

–       Laminate – laminate is a cheap, non-porous material. However, the aesthetics are fairly poor and may ‘cheapen’ the overall appearance of the room. Laminate tends to tear, scratch and bulge easily.

–       Marble – marble is one of the most popular bathroom materials. This high quality material looks stunning and luxurious in the bathroom, due to the reflective white properties, with natural veining patterns. A polished marble will provide a greater level of protection from staining, however marble can still stain.

–       Composite – composite or quartz bathroom worktops are man-made, making them highly durable and non-porous. The colours and pattern choices are endless, allowing you to find a work surface that perfectly compliments your décor.

If you’re looking to include marble, granite or quartz within your bathroom design, we can help. Our expert craftsmen can design and fit beautiful bespoke bathroom worktops, along with flooring, bath surrounds, shower enclosures, splashbacks and tiling solutions. To find out more why not give us a call today on 01992 535 038

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