Granite Worktops Wandsworth

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Why should you choose Marble and Granite as the manufacturer of your new granite worktop in Wandsworth? Firstly, our team of experienced stone masons create each¬†countertop in our very own factory based in the South East. Every granite worktop is meticulously constructed and hand finished to the client’s specifications. We only use the best quality stone in our products – no ‘b’ quality or ‘seconds’.

Additionally, if you enlist our services, then you can be sure that every part of the process is carried out by ourselves! From templating, finishing and installation, we do not sub-contract any work to other companies!

Full size slabs are used to create our bespoke granite worktops, resulting in a beautiful, durable work surface for your kitchen. Our personal service is available throughout the South East, including Wandsworth.

Whether you are looking for granite worktops Wandsworth, or another stone installation…get in touch with us today by visiting our website!