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Granite Is An Extremely Hard Stone And A #1 Choice For Worktops

Granite is one of the hardest rocks there is, hence the sayings “As tough as granite” and “As hard as granite”. It is an igneous rock which is formed from quartz, mica, and feldspar, which have been compressed together very tightly. It is available in a wide choice of colours: in fact, it is hard to think of a colour which is not included in granite. There are so many different minerals which can be included in a slab of granite, which accounts for not only the huge range of colours but also the amazing variety of patterns. As with all natural stones, every slab is different.

As it is so hardwearing it is ideally suited for bar tops, kitchen worktops, bathrooms, and fireplaces. Despite the fact that it is so hard, like many stones, granite does need sealing if it is going to be usedfor something such as a kitchen worktop where there is a high probability of spills and staining. Some slabs of granite also have very tiny fissures in them which were caused by the immense strain upon the rock when it was part of the earth. Things such as cooking oil, fat, lemon juice, vinegar, wine, and several more, can seep into the fissures and result in staining if the granite is not sealed.

If you are having new granite worktops in North London, you will know that the granite is not sealed and take steps accordingly. However, if you move into a new home that already has granite worktops you will have no way of knowing whether they have been sealed or not, so the best course of action is to assume that they have not been and seal them immediately. The best quality granite sealers can last for up to ten years, and they should have the life expectancy marked on the packaging. However, it is still a good idea to seal again before the expiry date. To check if the granite needs sealing, just put a drop of water on the surface in a high usage area, such as around a sink. If it stays in a blob, the sealant is still working, but if it sinks in it needs re-sealing.

At Marble & Granite we stock a wide choice of granite slabs here at our premises in Hatfield and we can produce the perfect worktops for your kitchen in the colour of your choice. You simply come to us and select the slabs that you want us to use and those will be the ones that finish up as your kitchen worktops. Bear in mind that all are different, with variations in colour and veining, which is what gives them their appeal to so many people. However, if you want a stone which is the same all the way through, you may be better off choosing something like quartz. We take great pride in producing kitchen worktops that will have your friends and family gasping with amazement, so come and take a look at our stocks of granite slabs and make your choice.

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