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How to Install an Undermount Sink Using a Granite Countertop

When you imagine the perfect granite kitchen installation, there’s a good chance your vision comes with an undermount sink. This feature adds a modern look to your kitchen (or even bathroom) while making cleaning more practical.

What Is An Undermount Sink?

Undermount sinks are those where a basin sink unit is installed underneath the counter, rather than being dropped into a pre-cut hole in the countertop.

Depending on who manufactures your unit, it could look different, but this term is usually used to describe similar units where no metal from the sink unit is visible on the upper surface of the worktop.

What Are The Benefits Of An Undermount Sink?

The first key benefit of the undermount sink and reason for its popularity is its aesthetic appeal. When you’ve gone to great effort to choose a beautiful granite, quartz or marble material for your home, you won’t necessarily want to compromise its look with a stainless steel drop sink.

In terms of functionality, undermount sinks simplify cleanup because it allows you to wipe food particles and any other dirt or grime directly into the sink.

Finally, compared to a drop sink or topmount sink, you’ll actually get more sink space. The average topmount sink is approximately 5 inches deep while an undermount sink is about 10 inches deep.

This can give you more room for washing food and dishes, or if you like to water your plants directly at the sink, it allows for larger pots to be placed into the sink basin. Some homeowners even wash their pets in large kitchen sink units.

What Kind of Countertops Work with an Undermount Sink?

All our countertops at Marble and Granite work with undermount sinks. Ultimately, undermount sinks can be used with any type of stone countertop, whether its marble, granite or quartz. Their installation won’t present any real problems for a professional contractor and you could even handle the job yourself if you’re handy enough.

How To Install an Undermount Sink Yourself

Installing a undermount kitchen or undermount bathroom sink on a granite countertop might seem like a daunting task but it’s not that complex when it comes to it.

The most important thing is to keep the task as simple as possible while ensuring high-quality and professional-looking results. You won’t want to compromise the top surface’s smooth finish while your sink basin should be 100% integrated with it below the surface.

Typically, drop in sinks are the easiest to install by yourself, but if you’re willing to take the time, it could be possible for you to handle an undermount unit too.

Is Maintenance Easy?

The issue with undermount sinks is that due to the configuration, a small narrow section of the countertop underside will be exposed to splashing water. When left uncleaned and uncared for over time, it could become a breeding ground for mould.

Another problem area is the gap between the sink and the granite. Ideally, they should be attached to the sink as closely as possible, and any gaps should be filled with silicone to prevent food or grime build up over time.

None of these issues is that worrying as long as you spend some time each week giving it a decent clean.

Is an Undermount Sink Right for Your Granite Worktop?

If taken care of properly, your granite sink unit can last for a lifetime. And when paired with an undermount sink, you’ll be able to achieve the ultimate aesthetic finish in your home, speaking of both character and quality.

For information about how you can choose the right worktop for you home or how to integrate a sink that matches your preferences, browse our online collection or get in touch with us at Marble and Granite! We offer a number of stone options, including marble, quartz and granite worktops in Berkhamsted and throughout Hertfordshire.