What’s the right kitchen worktop for your Kensington home?

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Whether you’re renovating a Kensington property, refreshing your kitchen or looking to add value to your home, a kitchen worktop will be one of your most important choices. Some of the most popular kitchen countertops are comprised of materials such as quartz, granite, ceramic, glass, wood, laminates and stainless steel. Take a look at the following to see which material would be the best choice for your own kitchen:

Wood – Perfect for smaller food preparation or dining areas, wood will suit almost any style of kitchen.

Stainless Steel – This will give your kitchen a rather industrial feel and is often favoured for use in commercial kitchens. Stainless steel also has excellent anti-bacterial properties and is easy to clean.

Granite – One of the most expensive kitchen worktop materials, granite worktops are a luxurious choice. Along with providing excellent durability, granite worktops have beautiful aesthetics due to the 100% natural stone.

Quartz – Quartz worktops combine natural quartz with man-made resins, for added durability. Quartz worktops are available in a wide variety of colours and do not require sealing.

Ceramic – Ceramic worktops can give your kitchen a really unique look and they are well suited for use in dining/breakfast bar areas. Whereas other materials tend to be quite thick, ceramic can be cut very thin making it the perfect selection for a modern home.

When asking the question “what’s the right kitchen worktop for my Kensington home?” you should weigh up your total budget and your lifestyle.

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