Marble & Granite – Ceramic Worktops in Potters Bar

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In the world of high end designer kitchens, the main contenders for many people is either quartz or granite. However, one material which has seen a big leap in popularity is ceramic. The reason for this could be one of many including:

  • Cost – Compared with the top of the range options of granite and quartz, ceramic provides an equally luxurious choice at a lower, more appealing price point.
  • Style – Ceramic tiles are available in lots of different sizes, shapes and finishes. Theses include smaller tiles for use as borders or back splashes, larger ones to cover countertops, squares, rectangles and matt or highly polished finishes. This means that no matter what style of kitchen cabinets you have, there will be a style of ceramic tile to suit your tastes.


Marble & Granite have a great range of ceramic countertops and you can find out more about the company itself and their fantastic range by visiting the website at If you would prefer to call, simply dial 01992 535 038 to speak to one of their advisor’s today. As well as ceramic, Marble & granite also manufacture and supply granite countertops and quartz countertops too. Marble & Granite – ceramic worktops in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire and the surrounding area.