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Five Tips To Take Care Of Natural Stone Worktops In London

Natural stones like marble, quartz and granite are often used in washrooms as worktops. They are elegant, tasteful and can easily be paired with different tiles. Another advantage of installing natural stone worktops in London is that they are highly durable and easy to clean. However, there are five tips you must follow if you want the stone worktops to look good as new for several years.

  1. Store your toiletries in a drawer: Do not keep your toiletries, like lotions, hand creams, serums, toothpaste, and perfumes, on the stone worktop. Over time these can collect dirt and leave stains on the worktop. Instead, store them in a drawer. It will also help you declutter and stay organised.
  2. Keep away from chemicals: Cleaning products contain abrasive chemicals that can severely damage natural stones, especially if the bottles leak. The stone worktops will erode due to prolonged exposure. These should be kept under the sink or a detergent cabinet.
  3. Wipe with a sponge: Water stains can be hard to remove if not immediately wiped. Keep a sponge handy, and dab the splattered water after using the sink. You can also clean the worktops once a week with mild cleaning agents.
  4. Try using a heat-resistant board: Washrooms are where you usually do your hair and make-up. Although most natural stone worktops are heat resistant, direct exposure to heated hair straighteners, hair dryers, and curling irons can damage the surface, leaving yellow stains. You can use a heat-resistant board, such as a wooden chopping board, to place the heated tool and avoid direct contact with the worktops.
  5. Use soap cases, dispensers and boxes: Clips, tweezers, and hair pins can rust if they are constantly in contact with water. The rust marks are hard to clean from the stone surface. Store these items in a box to avoid damage. Additionally, use a soap case or install a dispenser for hand washes.

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