News: Introducing ‘Lapitec’… and a Brand New Van!

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With the kitchen worksurface industry being such a well established market, it’s relatively uncommon for any truly groundbreaking products to emerge. Despite this, one newcomer which could prove to be a big hit amongst fabricators and clients is one known asLapitec. Traditionally, kitchen worksurfaces have been made from wood, stone, ceramics and, more recently, quartz. Laptitec, however, isn’t made from any of these existing materials and is actually an entirely new material now defined as Sintered Stone.

Sintered Stone has only been produced due to the advances made in the manufacturing process which, up until recently, wouldn’t otherwise have been possible. By strictly controlling the chemical and physical environment during the manufacturing process and using only the best, highly refined natural constituents, Lapitec has been made possible.

Lapitec offers unparalleled levels of hardness, temperature tolerances and anti-bacterial properties not seen in other surfaces and it’s also resistant to UV, acids, alkalis and bases too. You can find out more about this new material on the Lapitec website.

In other news, due to rising demand, we have now increased the size of our team and have welcomed in a new installation team along with their new van! In addition to this, the emphasis we place on the quality and care of our service is reflected in the fact that one of shareholders is now personally heading out to supervise jobs himself!

Did you know we’re also now fabricating Quartzforms? Find out more here.