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One Of The Best Worktop Materials Is Engineered Quartz Stone

If you are going to carry out a kitchen makeover in Ruislip, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Do you throw out the cabinetry and appliances and start with new, or perhaps keep the cabinets and just put new doors on them to update the look? Are some of the appliances past their best anyway, or will they last another few years? What you do will depend largely on your budget of course. 

One thing that is very important is the kitchen work surfaces. Kitchen worktops come in a wide choice of materials, and many people like natural stone such as marble and granite. However, another very good choice for your kitchen in Ruislip and other areas are engineered quartz worktops. Engineered quartz, also known as a composite worktop, is a man-made material composed of about 93% natural quartz aggregates combined with polymers and pigments. The resultant worktop is highly resistant to heat, scratching, cuts, and stains, although with that said, you should never place hot pans directly on any kitchen worktop, nor should you cut and chop foods on them: always use a chopping board. 

If you have engineered quartz worktops they have the colour running all the way through them, so unlike marble or granite, for example, they don’t have any veining or swirls and there is no variation in colour. One slab will be the same as the next. This is perfect if you want an even look along your worktops because that is exactly what you will get. In addition, in the unlikely event of the surface getting scratched, the scratch can simply be sanded out. 

Furthermore, engineered quartz can be thermoformed into different shapes so you can have a seamless run with no joins along the full length of the work surface. Templates can be taken as soon as the base units are in place, and it will be a week or two before the worktops are ready to be installed. 

Engineered quartz worktops don’t need any form of sealing as other stones such as marble and granite do, and they need no maintenance other than a wipe over with a damp cloth and a little mild detergent if needed. Because engineered quartz stone is a non-porous product it cannot harbour any bacteria so it is perfectly safe to put food directly on to it, although as we already said, you should not cut or chop directly on it.