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6 Maintenance Tips For Your Marble Worktops At Enfield

Marble has been beautifying homes for several decades. It is used for making exquisite sculptures or glossy floors. Amongst all its use, marble is widely used in the kitchen as a worktop. Be it a traditional kitchen or a modern one, marble worktops or quartz worktops in Kingston always find a spot. However, before installing a marble worktop, here are six tips that will keep them shining forever.

  1. In case of spills, take immediate action: If you have spilt sauces, curries, wine, or vinegar, immediately get to the action. Otherwise, the marble can stain forever. Do not wipe or rub, which can make it worse. But bloat the acid to remove it from the surface.
  2. Use a good quality sealer: During installation, natural stones like marble come with a sealer. However, since marble is porous, the sealant’s effect can get lost over time. To protect the marble from damage, try to get it sealed once in a while. This will ensure that the worktop has a longer life.
  3. Keep everyday cleaning simple: The best way to clean your marble worktops daily is with a soft cloth or microfibre and warm water. Most food stains and dirt will come off easily. Allow the worktop to dry well, and use a dry cloth to wipe away extra water since marble is prone to water stains.
  4. Avoid placing hot objects on the marble: Marble is an excellent choice for kitchen worktops because they are heat-resistant. If you accidentally set your hot utensils on the marble worktop, they will not stain or burn. However, since it is not entirely heat-proof, there may be some cases of discolouration and thermal shock. Therefore it is best to use placemats and coasters to keep hot ladles and utensils.
  5. Use chamois to shine the marble: You can also keep your marble shiny for several years by polishing it with chamois on a damp surface. Additionally, there are commercial marble polishes available in the market. You can use both for an extra shine.
  6. Do not use multipurpose cleaners: You must have realised that marble is sensitive. Therefore, do not use regular multipurpose cleaners, acidic cleaners or vinegar to clean the surface. Stick to cleaners specifically made for marble.

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