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Liana Exotic Quartzite Sample 600x300

Quartz Worktops London

Here at Marble & Granite, we fabricate stunning quartz worktops from a variety of leading manufacturers in the UK. Quartz is one of the most popular materials for use as a kitchen work surface, and there are numerous reasons why. Let’s take a look at just a few:

  • Strength & Durability – Quartz worktops have undergone laboratory tests to prove that they can be up to twice as strong as granite. This means that your quartz work surface will last for decade upon decade.
  • Maintenance Free – No sealing or reconditioning is required. All you need to do is wash your countertop with warm soapy water. Quartz is highly resistant to staining from many liquids and food substances.
  • Natural Material –  Quartz worktops are crafted using pure natural quartz, an extremely hard stone mined directly from the earth.
  • Added Value – This engineered work surface will be a great selling point for a home and can add considerable value to your kitchen.

If you are looking for quartz worktops in London then get in touch with us today.  Simply call us on 01992 535 038.