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Silestone Eternal Marquina 440x220

Beautiful Silestone Worktops in Camden

We are nominated fabricators of Silestone Worktops in Camden, and throughout London. Our team of highly qualified, experienced stone masons are able to fabricate beautiful worktops using Silestone. Understanding the benefits of this particular material will help you to decide whether it is the correct choice for your kitchen.

What is Silestone?

There are many companies that manufacture quartz countertops, and we are nominated fabricators for many of these brands. However, Silestone is thought to be the most popular and is renowned for offering the highest quality quartz worktops in the industry. As an established supplier in over 52 countries, it is no wonder that the company’s work surfaces come at a premium.

Understanding the benefits of quartz

These quartz work surfaces are created using 94% natural quartz, which results in an extremely hard and resilient material. These countertops are stain resistant, non-porous and come in a large range of patterns and colours.

Guaranteed for 25 years

Silestone is designed to last decades, which is why these worktops come with a 25 year warranty.

If you’re considering Silestone as the material for your next worktop in Camden, then we can offer a fabrication and installation service. Why not give us a call for a free quotation on 01992 535 038?