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Discover Stylish Quartz Worktop Ideas For Your Home

Quartz worktops are the perfect worktop for your kitchen and bathrooms. They are eco-friendly, heat-resistant, and durable. In addition, quartz is a versatile material available in various colours. Therefore, whatever your aesthetic is, quartz will always find a spot in your home. In this article, discover some stylish ideas for quartz worktops in Enfield.

White waterfall quartz worktop:

Waterfall worktops have become quintessential in modern homes. These counters have a hallmark edge starting at the top and continuing down to the floor, resembling a waterfall. A white quartz waterfall counter will create a seamless surface. It can either be an upside-down C or L shaped.

Bullnose edge worktop with grey quartz:

If you have children at home and want a mix of style and safety, a full bullnose edge worktop with grey quartz is what you need. A bullnose edge worktop is a classic and practical choice, where the entire counter curves all the way around and has no sharp edges. The grey colour matches a minimalistic kitchen with wooden cabinets or balances a vibrant washroom.

Black shadow gap quartz worktop:

Shadow gap worktops are the new talk of the town. In this case, a gap is made by leaving some space between the granite worktop and the top of the kitchen units. This creates an illusion of a floating counter. Black quartz for shadow quartz worktops looks elegant and chic. You can elevate the look by adding LED light strips beneath the worktop.

Combining two quartz worktops:

The ideas above focused on only one quartz colour. But if you have a quirky taste and love to experiment with your home, then you will love this idea. Rather than using only one style of quartz, you can use two to give the kitchen an edge. For instance, the kitchen island can be of beige quartz, while the one lining the backsplash can be brown. Using dark colour quartz near the cooking area can hide curry stains and red wine marks until you can clean up.

These are some simple yet sophisticated looks you must check out with quartz worktops in Enfield.

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