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Quartz Worktops At Welwyn Garden City

The Benefits of a Quartz Kitchen Worktop

Are you looking to install a new kitchen? The worktop in your kitchen has the potential of transforming the look and feel of the room entirely, and can add a sense of luxury and elegance to the design. Choosing a worktop is a decision that should be carefully deliberated. Different materials affect the durability and cooking experience.

Quartz worktops are known to be some of the most luxurious and sophisticated worktops on the market. At Marble & Granite, we provide top quality kitchen worktops and work surfaces made from Quartz. These are some of the benefits of choosing Quartz for your kitchen.

What’s Quartz?

Quartz worktops are made from a man-made stone engineered using 93% natural quartz, along with various resins and polymers. This can create a variety of finishes and makes for a sleek, beautiful worktop.

Easy to Clean

Quartz has non-porous properties. That means it does not absorb liquids that are commonly found in the kitchen and bound to spill onto the surface at times. Stains, oils, water and sauces can easily be wiped off without leaving a mark on the material. Many stone surfaces otherwise suffer from water and other liquids, making Quartz the more hygienic alternative.

It’s Resistant to Heat

Quartz is resistant to heat and scratching due to its hardness. This makes it easy to maintain and long-lasting surface that will not lose its appeal for many years. Rest assured in knowing that you can treat your worktop in a hurry without risking any damage. In a kitchen, it is all too easy to accidentally slam down a tray or scrape a pot over the worktop. With a quartz worktop, you needn’t worry.

Luxurious Shine

Besides its durability and easy maintenance, Quartz is a popular worktop choice for its look alone. It features in many modern and more traditional kitchen designs. The surface is smooth and shiny and doesn’t need extra sealing. It makes for a light, reflective and clean look. Quartz has been popular for years, and there’s no sign of the trend diminishing. We offer outstanding quartz surfaces in popular stone brands and colours.

Maintaining a Quartz Surface

Cleaning your quartz worktop is easy. You just need a damp cloth and a mild detergent, and the worktop can simply be wiped clean from dust and stains.

Are you Thinking of Buying Quartz for Your Kitchen?

Quartz will stay in fashion and provide a beautiful and easy-to-maintain kitchen worktop that will serve you for decades. Get in touch today to get a quote for our quartz worktops at Welwyn Garden City.