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The Essential Guide to Integrating Natural Stone into the Bathroom

If you’re ready for a bathroom redesign, remodel, renovation or revamp, then it’s most definitely time to read our guide to using natural stone in the bathroom.

You may have a few questions or concerns when it comes to natural stone. Let’s address a few of those and get them out of the way:

Is natural stone difficult to maintain?

The answer to this varies by material and function. Marble is a soft, absorbent stone. This can be a downside for use in the bathroom. For example, if you use marble as a shower enclosure or bath surround then you’ll have to be careful not to stain the stone when using hair dye. Similarly, marble can be damaged if you use incorrect cleaning chemicals.

Having said that, you shouldn’t need to worry too much about maintenance if you make sure that the marble is sealed with a quality sealer and used appropriately. Ideally you should combine marble with other materials, such as porcelain or ceramic. Choose marble for a stunning vanity top or flooring, and then use porcelain tiles in the areas that will receive heavy exposure to water, such as the shower itself.

Is natural stone expensive?

Natural stone will always be more expensive than off-the-shelf ceramic tiles. The production of man-made materials is cheaper than that of natural stone. Also, having a bespoke vanity top, bath surround or shower enclosure created will involve enlisting the skills of a stone mason and professional fitting team. This will inevitably come at a cost, but it need not be prohibitively expensive. Discuss your budget and ideas with your stone manufacturer, to find a solution that works for you.

The extra pounds will certainly have been well spent when you see the finished product.

Moving on to the materials themselves:

Marble: Marble is one of the most popular natural stones used in bathroom.The stunning shiny white surface, emblazoned with flowing natural grains, is definitely the most opulent choice.

Granite: Granite is traditionally used in the kitchen, but it’s just as well-suited to the bathroom too. Choose from a huge selection of stunning natural colours and grains.

Semi-precious stones: Marble or granite not extravagant enough for you? Why not take a look at the semi-precious stone surfaces from Maer Charme

Let’s get inspired…

It’s far easier to imagine how natural stone could be integrated into your bathroom by viewing images. Take a look at this ideabook on Houzz for inspiration!

A few of our own projects…

With the help of our dedicated team of stone masons, templaters and installers, we have helped to create these stunning bathrooms: