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What Are the Types of Stone Worktops in London

Marble and granite worktops have been at the top spot of traditional choices in the kitchen for decades. But with time and technological advancement, many natural and engineeredĀ stone worktops in LondonĀ are gradually becoming popular. Quartz, soapstone, limestone, etc., are a few examples. Any stone worktop, especially if polished and shaped perfectly, makes a kitchen more attractive and graceful. With proper maintenance and cleaning, these worktops retain their glow and lustre, making the kitchen more stunning. But, as we said, both granite and soapstone are within the stone category. So, what are the various types? Here is a list.


A favourite of homeowners for ages, granite comes in various designs and colours. Easy-to-clean and low maintenance are two reasons why granite is popular. Instead of the age-old black, brown and salt-and-pepper design, granite now comes in hues of red, blue with black veins, etc.


Nothing can beat marble when it comes to adding beauty to the kitchen interior. It comes with its own grandeur even though it tends to get easily stained or discoloured due to acid reaction and is not too heat resistant.


One of the engineered stones, quartz, leaves the homeowners spoilt for choices regarding colour and design. With extreme durability and low maintenance, quartz is becoming popular. Many homeowners opt forĀ quartz worktops in Welwyn Garden CityĀ despite their high prices.


Unlike quartz, quartzite is a naturally occurring stone. These are turned into worktops after mixing with resin. The best thing about quartzite is its absolute resistance to stains, chipping, etching, and scratches.


One of the natural non-spongy stones, soapstone, is very soft, which makes it easy to cut and polish and gives the desired shape. Mineral oil treatment darkens the stone, and sandpaper removes any chips or scratches. It comes in shades of green, grey and blue, adding colour and charm to your kitchen.


Among the non-conventionalĀ stone worktops LondonĀ options, limestone is grabbing fast popularity. Even though it is porous and requires regular maintenance (like sealing and resealing properly at frequent intervals), it gives a creamy texture. This property makes the kitchen look different.


Slate stone is composed of the same minerals as marble and granite, but it is much stronger and more durable. Moreover, the slate is entirely resistant to heat or stains. So, even if you put the pan with boiling water on it, it will not crack. It is a lot less costly than others too. With all these attributes, slate kitchen worktops are becoming a popular choice for homeowners.

Other stone worktops

Besides the ones mentioned above, two more types of stones are used in making worktops. However, none of these is natural. These are:

  • Engineered marble
  • Engineered Granite

Stone worktops, natural or engineered, add a classy touch to the kitchen interior. With so many options, you can now decide which stone you want in your kitchen and make it a true ā€œownerā€™s pride, neighbourā€™s envy!ā€

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