Where to Buy Quartz Worktops in Milton Keynes

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Many people incorrectly believe that quartz worktops are made from solid quartz. In fact, quartz stone is also known as engineered stone, because it isn’t made purely from quartz. In the manufacturing process, quartz is combined with other man made materials, such as resins and aggregates. So does this make quartz stone inferior to other all-natural material choices?

The fact that quartz stone combines approximately 95% quartz with 5% other ingredients, gives it supreme durability and stain resistance. Unlike other worktop materials, quartz is 100% non porous and is extremely difficult to scratch or stain. This man-made process also allows worktops to be produced in an unlimited range of colours and patterns.

As you can see, quartz worktops have a huge range of benefits! If you’d like a bespoke quartz countertop crafted for your kitchen in Milton Keynes, then why not get in touch with Marble and Granite? We can discuss your design ideas in order to create your ideal kitchen worktop! So get in touch today by visiting the contact us page.