Ceramic Countertops in Oxford

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Granite, quartz and laminate are all examples of popular kitchen countertop materials. However, if you’re thinking of investing in a new worktop, then these aren’t your only options! Ceramic probably doesn’t spring to mind when you’re thinking of materials for a worktop, and yet this slightly unusual choice could be ideal for your needs.

One of the major advantages to ceramic countertops is their strength and durability. Believe it or not, ceramic is harder than quartz or granite! You can even place hot pans on a ceramic worktop, without fear of damage. Another reason you may choose ceramic countertops is because you simply prefer the appearance! Ceramic worktops are very thin and have a matt finish – so if this is the style you are looking for then ceramic will be the best choice.

Here at Marble and Granite, we provide ceramic countertops to clients in Oxford. We have a stunning range of colours to choose from, and once you have decided upon the design, we can template and fit the worktop for you. So if you’re looking for ceramic worktops in Oxford, then get in touch with us by calling 01992 535 038!