Why Choose Natural Stone Kitchen Worktops?

Interior design trends alter year on year, but when it comes to choosing a kitchen worktop it will need to stand the test of time. Are you looking for a beautiful worktop that will exude quality and fit into your décor? Most likely. However, you will also be looking for a work surface that will last for many years in terms of durability and style.

The most popular choices include laminate, stainless steel, wooden, composite or natural stone. Here at Marble & Granite, we are a little bit biased towards natural stone kitchen worktops…with good reason of course.

Is granite the right choice for your kitchen?

Formed from cooled magma, granite has a unique cooler and character. No two worktops crafted from granite will be the same – each will display an individual beauty. You can find granite in pink, red, brown, grey and black colourings, and it will be the ideal addition to your home if you prefer natural materials.

It has excellent resistance to heat and cold, which is an important factor when selecting a material for use in the kitchen. Granite can absorb liquid if spills are not dealt with quickly. With this in mind it is wise to choose a darker granite, which will not stain so easily.

If you think that natural stone kitchen worktops may be the right choice for your home, then get in touch with us today! Simply call 01992 535 038.