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Bespoke Granite Splashbacks and Upstands by Marble & Granite

Granite splashbacks and/or upstands are often used to compliment a granite worktop. In the kitchen, it’s inevitable that splashes will occur. An upstand will protect the wall from wetness and staining.

How to protect your wall from kitchen splashes and spillages

  • Wipe-able paint: This can be applied to the walls behind the work surface.
  • Tiles: The walls can be tiled behind the worktop.
  • Splashbacks: A splashback is used to describe a piece of material (e.g. stone, stainless steel) that covers the full height/a large portion of the wall. A splashback is often used behind the hob, because this area is prone to steam and food splatters.
  • Upstand: An upstand is usually around 100mm high and is generally the same material as the worktop itself.

Bespoke granite splashbacks and upstands

Upstands are a popular choice to compliment a granite worktop. Our upstands are usually manufactured in 20 mm granite and are 110 mm high. If you require full height splashbacks or 30 mm thickness, then simply let us know and this can be arranged.

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