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3 Colour Combos to go with your Black Granite Worktops in Enfield

Black is possibly the most adaptable colour for your kitchen. After all, it’s always fashionable and goes with almost any colour palette. Granite worktops in Enfield are also popular because natural stone is durable, low-maintenance, and complements a wide range of kitchen styles. It’s no wonder that black granite is generally the most preferred material for kitchen worktops!

Colour combinations.

Let’s have a look at the combos that will make even the most prominent kitchen designers envious of your home’s focal point.

1. Natural wood and black granite worktops.

The natural wood look, combined with black granite, gives kitchens a rustic and welcoming atmosphere. If you enjoy a comfortable and earthy home lifestyle, this mix of natural wood tones is ideal for your black granite worktop kitchen design. Dark wood hues complement stainless steel appliances, sinks, and handles. Choosing granite with mica (the reflective three-dimensional flecks) pairs beautifully with dark wood and metal accents.

2. Jewel tones and vibrant colours.

According to current kitchen trends, more and more individuals are becoming more creative with their colour choices. Natural greens, warm yellows, earthy browns, dramatic greys, and various blues are on display. What benefits do black granite worktops offer? They coordinate with all of these colours!

Bright colours are ideal for open-plan kitchens and tiny rooms. For larger kitchens with a wide open plan, brightness is essential for highlighting the vastness of your space. Bright colours work well in a small kitchen.

3. Black and White

Black granite countertops and white cabinets are a timeless combination for a reason. Black and white complement each other effectively. Furthermore, black granite is perfect for countertops since it is not only stain-resistant but also more difficult to discolour. White cabinets brighten your kitchen and create great contrasts with black granite worktops, giving it a sleek appearance.

This colour combination is great for a kitchen island. This is owing to the colour scheme’s compatibility with both classic and modern kitchen styles.

So, which black granite worktops in Enfield from our range are best suited to your kitchen?

Ultimately, it is up to personal preference. Black goes with everything, therefore it may be used effectively in the majority of worktop ideas. If you have any doubts, please contact our team. We are delighted to offer you expert help.

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