What’s the right kitchen worktop for your Ealing home?

If you’ve decided that your kitchen is looking a little bit tired or past its best, the first place you may have started researching is possible replacements for your kitchen worktops. Some of the most popular kitchen worktops include materials such as quartz, granite, ceramic, glass, wood, laminates and stainless steel. Take a look at the following to see which material you’d be better off with in your own kitchen:

Wood – Perfect for smaller food preparation or dining areas, wood will suit almost any style of kitchen.

Stainless Steel – This will give your kitchen a rather industrial feel and is often favoured for use in commercial kitchens. As well as looking great, stainless steel also has excellent anti-bacterial properties and is easy to clean.

Granite – One of the most expensive materials, granite has been used as kitchen worktops all around the world. Whether you want it due to its durability or aesthetics, granite is a great choice.

Quartz – Similar to granite in durability, quartz is available in a wider variety of colours and doesn’t require sealing. We offer quartz from some of the leading suppliers in the UK, including Caesarstone worktops.

Ceramic – Ceramic worktops can give your kitchen a really unique look and they are well suited for use in dining/breakfast bar areas.

When asking the question “what’s the right kitchen worktop for your Ealing home?” you should weigh up your total budget and your family lifestyle before making your choice! If you require more information about any of the options, call the Marble & Granite team on 01992 535 038.