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A Buyer’s Guide To Choosing Quartz Worktops In Enfield

The modern kitchen needs an aesthetic worktop, and quartz is just the right fit. It is a natural, non-porous stone available in versatile colours and textures. It is also one of the hardest materials found in nature. Quartz worktops in Enfield are a great investment for your home as they are easy to clean and germ resistant, and the rounded edges offer ultimate safety. Now that you are convinced that you need a quartz worktop for your kitchen, here is a buyer’s guide to help you choose the perfect stone worktops in Stevenage.

How to Choose Quartz Worktops in Enfield

  1. Identify the need: Ask yourself where you would like the quartz worktop. Does it have to be in the cooking area around the stove or as an island in the kitchen, where you will barely place hot utensils? Quartz is heat resistant; however, exposure to heat repeatedly for a longer period can leave yellow stains that are hard to remove.
  2. Measure the kitchen: Once that is done, start by measuring the kitchen. You would want to avoid too big or long worktops, and over-purchasing quartz is a waste of money and material.
  3. Match with the kitchen’s aesthetic: With quartz worktops, you have complete control over your kitchen’s aesthetic. You can opt for classic colours like black, beige and white and match them with a neutral shade or wood finish cabinets. But if you like a quirky touch, green, pink and blue quartz worktops will make a room in your home.
  4. Consider the slab’s thickness: Besides looking at the colour and texture of the quartz slabs, you must also check the thickness of the slab. There are thick, thin and ultra-thin slabs available in the market, and the price will change accordingly. The standard measurements are 20mm and 30 mm. However, manufacturers also offer 12 mm quartz worktops. If you plan to make a breakfast bar, thicker slabs are ideal. On the other hand, use thinner slabs where you do not expect much traffic. This way, you can stay within budget while installing quartz worktops.

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