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Explore the Different Types of Granite Worktops For Your Home

Do you know why granite is a top choice for countertops in kitchens and washrooms among modern homeowners? The answer is their versatility and elegance. Each slab of granite is unique in colour and design. Whether you are a new homeowner building your dream kitchen or planning to remodel an old one, it is time to explore some stunning granite worktops in Greenwich.

Black Galaxy Granite worktop:

This granite is synonymous with elegance and chic. The rich black background is covered in fine veins and dotted with shiny specks of gold and white that look like stars in a night sky. You can opt for a shadow gap countertop for the Black Galaxy granite. Install a strip of white LED lights to accentuate its beauty and see the magic unfold!

Tan Brown Granite Worktop:

Wooden cabinets and furniture are best complemented with a Tan Brown Granite worktop. The slightly dark brown colour looks richer with uniformly distributed burnt orange, red and black specks. It is ideal for achieving an earthy vibe in your kitchen. Add yellow lighting to create the perfect ambience.

River White Granite Worktop:

How can we talk about granite worktops in Greenwich and not mention the River White Granite countertops? Originating from India, the River White granite offers a harmonious look to your spaces. The long veins, red spots and the glimmer of blue, off-white and grey lend the granite a sophisticated appearance. If you love minimalist designs and colour palettes, this granite will make it to the top of your list.

Bianco Antico Granite Worktop:

If you are looking for muted shades, you cannot miss the grey granites, especially Bianco Antico. But do not mistake it for being mundane. The splashes of darker brown, black, grey, warm taupe and pink against the soft grey background are simply exquisite. If you are planning a waterfall countertop, the Bianco Antico granite should be one of your top choices.

Install Stone Worktops in Stevenage With Marble & Granite:

If you are looking for different types of granite for your residential or commercial spaces, Marble & Granite is your go-to destination. We offer a wide range of products, from dark fusion granite to white macaubus granite, all under one roof. Besides granite, we also carry a variety of stone worktops in Stevenage that perfectly fit your aesthetic. Contact us today to find your best match!

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