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How to Create a Luxury Feel in Your New Kitchen

Wanting a bit of luxury in your home is nothing to be ashamed about. Especially when we’re talking about the kitchen area where we entertain guests and spend a great deal of our time. 

Unfortunately, cheap materials in the kitchen have a way of standing out, with worktops, flooring and lighting all contributing to the overall look and feel in your home. 

Not paying adequate attention to the materials you choose can have a significant impact on your home’s appearance and can, in the worst cases, even decrease the value of your property when it comes time to sell.

Unfortunately, the kitchen can be the most expensive room to renovate and not everyone is aware of what it takes to do it well.

From countertops to lighting, every detail needs attention to bring the whole ensemble together under a luxurious and premium feel. 

Choose the Countertop Material 

Quality kitchen material choices don’t always need to be expensive, but it’s worth paying for quality and style when it comes to your countertops, which form the largest part of your kitchen’s visual real estate, next to your flooring and cabinets. Below are some popular luxury worktop options to consider. 

  • Marble – One of the most elegant materials there is, marble is indisputably beautiful, highly durable and scratch resistant. Many of our most luxurious, premium and sought-after countertops are made using this material.
  • Granite – Granite is one of the most durable and aesthetically-pleasing natural stones, making it great for family kitchens that get a lot of use but still want that element of luxury.
  • Quartz – This blend of natural stone and synthetic resins is more resistant to food stains as well as household cleaning supplies and chemicals, compared to natural stone options. It also has the benefit of being more affordable than some natural stone worktops.
  • Bronze – Not quite as common as other options, but a great choice for some unique luxury in your kitchen. Even if you don’t choose it for your whole countertop, it can make for amazing accessories and embellishments like handles, knobs or even bespoke ornaments.
  • Wood – Despite its commonplace characteristics, wood can still be used to offer an incredibly luxury appeal when choosing the best wood types and when paired with the right fittings.
  • Glass – Similarly, glass is found in all homes, but well-chosen premium glass can be used to offer sophistication and luxury. For instance, kitchens where the cupboard fronts are made with engraved glass offer elegance, class and beauty.
  • Brick – Maybe not your first thought when you think of luxury, but brick walls are an incredibly popular option for luxury kitchens today and a current trend in interior design.
  • Quartzite – Another great natural stone that offers a premium look, this material is tougher and more resistant to stains and abrasion than marble.

If you want to see some of our most luxury looking quartz, quartzite, marble and granite worktops in Wood Green or other London boroughs, get in touch with us at Marble and Granite. 

Match Your Kitchen Design with Lavish Lighting

Lights are so important in the kitchen but they are too often the most ignored part of the kitchen design.

We recommend using low hanging fixtures to give the illusion of a higher ceiling, particularly above kitchen islands and dining spaces. However, you will have to match the lighting to your specific room dimensions and layout for the best effect. 

For sophisticated evenings, it’s also a great idea to install a dimmer, which is one of the simplest ways to create a luxurious atmosphere. 

Premium Colours

You can easily transform your kitchen with a fresh coat of paint. Certain colours such as creams and beiges can make a kitchen look elegant and expensive while darker tones of blacks and greys can make it look extravagantly lavish. 

Just remember how light reflects differently off different colours and try to complement the layout of your kitchen with colour choices, to create depth or add a feeling of greater space where needed. 

For more interior design guidance and help choosing the right material for your kitchen countertop, get in touch with us at Marble and Granite.