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An Almost Endless Choice Of Stone Worktops In London

Probably the most important feature in any modern kitchen is the worktops, because they stand out so much. This means that you need to give due consideration to them if you are going to refurbish your kitchen. In fact, some people who have cabinets and other items that they are happy with will change nothing other than the worktops because they make such a big difference aesthetically.

Of course, you can have worktops in many different materials such as wood, laminate, acrylic, stainless steel, and even concrete, but the majority of homeowners today are opting for stone worktops in London because of their many benefits.

One obviously has to take the practical implications into account. After all, a worktop is going to have to put up with a certain amount of wear and tear, with all sorts of items being used on it. Some people even chop foods directly on the work surface, but this is not a good idea. You may not only damage the worktop, but if it is porous, as some stones are, it may harbour germs or bacteria within it. This can be overcome by using a sealing compound, and today the latest ones will often last ten years or more before needing re-sealing, but you should still use a chopping board.

Stone Has The Advantage

When it comes to longevity, stone worktops have the advantage. Not only are stones long lasting, but they are available in an almost endless array of colours and grains depending upon the minerals present in the earth’s surface when they were formed. In fact, no two slabs of natural stone are ever the same, so by choosing stone worktops from the many options we offer at Marble & Granite you can be certain that your kitchen will be unique.

As we said, there are other options available such as wood for instance. It’s a natural material and is available in many different patterns and grains, but in our opinion, it is not an ideal work surface. It is porous, and it also wears, which means that it needs to be sanded from time to time, and maybe also need to be stained.

Most stone worktops use a natural material too, but this is so much more hard wearing, and can put up with the daily knocks and spills of life in the 21st century kitchen.

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