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Pros and Cons of Using Granite Worktops in Enfield

Granite Worktops Enfield

Granite worktops in Enfield are the top choice for modern homeowners because they are sturdy, aesthetic and easy to maintain. But before you set your heart on a granite worktop for the kitchen or washroom, there are some pros and cons of the material that you must know.

Pros of Using Granite Worktops:

Granite is one of the most aesthetic surfaces you can use for a countertop. There are several colour options available in granite. Some popular granite colours are white, beige, brown, blue, black, burgundy, off-white, grey, cream, gold, salmon, red, green, taupe, and yellow. Therefore, no matter what your decor looks like, there is a granite slab for all homes.

It is an ideal choice for the kitchen due to its scratch and heat-resistant properties. Granite is a tough substance and does not scratch easily. So you can use sharp blades and knives. Since it is heat-resistant, you can place a hot pot or a ladle on the granite countertop,and it can handle the heat without being damaged. Granite is known to resist stains and barely absorb liquids when properly sealed. You do not have to worry about curry stains or wine marks lingering behind. Granite countertops are also easy to clean.

Cons of Using Granite Worktops:

Just like the pros, there are some weaknesses of a granite worktop. Granite is a non-porous material, so the chances of liquids penetrating the surface are lower. However, if it is not sealed correctly, the sealant will wear off in no time. The sealant can stain if exposed to heat regularly. Therefore you have to place mats in the kitchen. These stains are extremely difficult to remove. If the sealing is not done correctly, you have to get it resealed on a yearly basis which can increase the yearly budget.

Although granite is a very hard material, it can chip, especially the corners, if not handled with care. Countertops with straight edges are susceptible to injuring the user and breaking off or chipping off if they collide with sturdy materials. While this isn’t common, it does happen.

Install Granite Worktops in Enfiled with Marble & Granite:

Clearly, the pros of granite outweigh its cons. There are several benefits of installing granite worktops in kitchens and washrooms. We have everything from dark fusion granite to white macaubus granite at Marble & Granite Ltd! To find the stone worktops in London that perfectly fits your aesthetic, contact us today.

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